Centrifugal Compressor Training Video

Scene from the centrifugal compressor video - © ExplainMedia

We are excited to announce the release of the first centrifugal compressor training video developed in over 20 years! ExplainMedia created this video in a joint venture with ESD Simulation Training. It uses outstanding animated graphics and a clear narrative to cover all aspects of centrifugal compressor systems.



Mourik Dp Equipment

Mourik Dp Equipment

ExplainMedia developed this video for Mourik International.



ExplainMedia delivers new 3D Refinery software to the Atyrau Petroleum Educational Centre in Kazakhstan

Scene from the Pneumix promotion video - © ExplainMedia

The Atyrau Petroleum Educational Centre Petrotechnic in Kazakhstan is the first college to use ExplainMedia's new 3D Refinery software.



New Business Development

ExplainMedia frequently partners with other companies to extend each other's products or services. We are continuously looking to explore and execute new endeavors. Please call +1 (707) 658 4411 or use the contact form for inquiries.


Bringing Process Technology To Life

In recent decades, remarkable advances have been made in CGI software and hardware applications. The video game industry has capitalized on these advances and made them accessible to every household. However, innovations have not trickled down to educational applications as extensively as we might have expected.

Heat Exchanger - © ExplainMediaExplainMedia strives to improve technical training by using state-of-the-art interactive and intelligent 3D models. Process technology concepts are particularly suitable for our participative animation modules supported by process simulation. We remove the barrier between what the trainee experiences in the classroom and what he or she will see in the real world.

See what we have to offer in our Products and Services section, or contact us for a demonstration.

ExplainMedia's Virtual Refinery:
The New Standard in Process Technology Simulations

For over five years, this revolutionary off-the-shelf Virtual Refinery has set the standard for process technology training. ExplainMedia's Virtual Refinery is an add-on that will add 3D capabilities to process simulators.

Operating teams and college students can now explore and run a virtual equipment from any PC. Aspects of a modern plant, such as plant equipment, DCS controls, and instrumentation, are modeled simultaneously and in realistic detail.

The minimum system requirements of ExplainMedia's Virtual Refinery add-on (at least Windows 2000, 512 Mb RAM) allow a fast and easy implementation in every organization.


Promotion Videos:
Promote your business on the web using 3D animations

Highly specialized industrial products and services can be visualized in a short promotion video using 3D animations. ExplainMedia can provide 3D models and footage, which can be combined with photos and video footage your company already may have. We can produce your video and deliver it in various formats, like DVD, video for playback on a laptop computer, YouTube, Facebook and any web-format you might need.

The video above is a promotion video we recently produced for Hydroprocessing Associates, LLC.

Catalyst dense loading is a process that is very suitable for 3D animation. You just cannot fit a camera crew inside a reactor while it is being loaded. 3D animations show your prospective clients exactly what you want them to see, without the extensive costs of shooting video on location.

Below is another promotion video we did for Chep Catalyst and Chemical Containers.