Centrifugal Compressor Training Video

Scene from the centrifugal compressor video - © ExplainMedia

We are excited to announce the release of the first centrifugal compressor training video developed in over 20 years! ExplainMedia created this video in a joint venture with ESD Simulation Training. It uses outstanding animated graphics and a clear narrative to cover all aspects of centrifugal compressor systems.



Mourik Dp Equipment

Mourik Dp Equipment

ExplainMedia developed this video for Mourik International.



ExplainMedia delivers new 3D Refinery software to the Atyrau Petroleum Educational Centre in Kazakhstan

Scene from the Pneumix promotion video - © ExplainMedia

The Atyrau Petroleum Educational Centre Petrotechnic in Kazakhstan is the first college to use ExplainMedia's new 3D Refinery software.



New Business Development

ExplainMedia frequently partners with other companies to extend each other's products or services. We are continuously looking to explore and execute new endeavors. Please call +1 (707) 658 4411 or use the contact form for inquiries.



Besides off-the-shelf products, ExplainMedia offers a variety of services. We can adapt our products to your specific requirements, or we can produce entirely new products for your exclusive use.

Multimedia Assets Development

Do your training programs and materials look outdated? Quite often we find that the people who are trained to operate millions of dollars worth of equipment, utilities, and products do not get the quality of resources they deserve. We can help bring your training program into the 21st century.


Training Video Development

For subjects that require more than a short animation or some written text, a narrated training video could be a suitable solution. We offer a complete development service of video production that includes 3D visualization, storyboarding, script writing, video shoots, narration, acting, editing, and authoring.


Interactive 3D Virtual Plant Development

FCCU - Copyright ExplainMediaThe concept of our Virtual Refinery software may be applied to represent a custom plant.

We can create a custom 3D virtual environment from reference materials, photographic imagery or scans, or existing 3D models of the plant.


Promotion Videos:
Promote your business on the web using 3D animations

Highly specialized industrial products and services can be visualized in a short promotion video using 3D animations. ExplainMedia can provide 3D models and footage, which can be combined with photos and video footage your company already may have. We can produce your video and deliver it in various formats, like DVD, video for playback on a laptop computer, YouTube, Facebook and any web-format you might need.

The video above is a promotion video we recently produced for Hydroprocessing Associates, LLC.

Catalyst dense loading is a process that is very suitable for 3D animation. You just cannot fit a camera crew inside a reactor while it is being loaded. 3D animations show your prospective clients exactly what you want them to see, without the extensive costs of shooting video on location.